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God is doing great things through me. Prayer changes things...


Cynthia ,the "Chaplain of Pop" is a minister with a passion for music and art. She is an inspirational speaker and shares daily messages of uplift and encouragement via text and blogs. She draws on paper,creates multimedia collages,hand sewn dolls,herbal pillows and from time to time designs jewelry made from crystals and rocks. She spreads the word of god through innovative pop culture mediums such as blogs, social media networks, music, poetry and art. "As a writer,Spiritual Director,poet and artist, I strive creatively to be a source of inspiration and guidance by uplifting and encouraging.While I am a Christian,by choice,I share inspiring reflections, aimed to unify,respecting wisdom from other faiths,opening dialogue between people with differing racial,religious and spiritual perspectives. I believe that love and music are tangible healing forces. Her art is as much about mending broken hearts and spiritual healing as it is about creativity.

Cynthia also enjoys collecting art and music." I enjoy attending live concerts and meeting the music makers. Blogging about the experience is something I enjoy as well. I don't mind throwing in a few words of wisdom or requested prayer either. Creating and sharing playlists of special songs ranging from gospel to blues,soul,rock and pop that spin daily on my minds music memory channel, "cranial jukebox" for short, offering inspiration and insight for the day is a great way to communicate with friends." She received a Master of Divinity from Union Theological Seminary in 2006, a J.D. from Antioch School of Law in 1979 and undergraduate degree in Psychology in 1975. Author, minister, blogger, artist and singer, some of her drawings are catalogued in her photo album. The blog header is an original work based on her "Lightspeaks" design. The current profile photo is one of her original drawings entitled "Blues Player Blues" and is one in a trilogy. Cynthia is also a founder of several non-profits and serves on the boards of several.

She has a passion for all things creative and is fond of the gospel and the blues. Much of her work is inspired by the word of god and the music of her favorite popular and blues recording artists. Many of her drawings have been inspired by her love of music and she matches tunes with some of her most inspired works.

She is also a non-profit consultant and assists organizations in an array of matters,including the securing of tax exemptions, organizational development and fundraising strategies.


Music,Art, Writing,Social Justice.